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Registration with Kango Express is FREE and EASY.

After verifying your email address, you will complete the short registration form with your contact information. Upon accepting the terms and conditions, you’ll be issued your unique account number and address in the U.S. that you can start using to shop and ship right away.

As a new Kango Express member, we encourage you to review the tutorials available on our website and to set up all your account preferences.  View a video on how to register here.

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Shop with U.S. Retailers

With your Kango Express address in the U.S., you can now make purchases from hundreds of online retailers. Now the quality and discounted pricing you’ve come to expect from U.S. is within your reach. Check out some of these discounts on our Shopping pages.

Upon selecting your items at the retailer’s site, you will complete the checkout and payment process using our U.S. warehouse as the ship to address, along with your Kango Express account number referenced in Line 2 of the address. This address information will always be visible to you in your account dashboard once you register and sign in.

Some retailers may not accept payment using international credit cards. In that case, you can use our Buying Service. For a small fee, we’ll place the order for you and make payment. Once you tell us what you want to purchase and make payment, we’ll buy your items for you and arrange for delivery to your Kango Express account.

Keep in mind that Kango Express is also ideal for sending gifts to family and friends worldwide. It is not necessary to purchase new items from online retailers to take advantage of the excellent shipping benefits offered by Kango Express.

Confirm your Package Details

We will notify you via email once your package has arrived at our warehouse and been updated into your account. At that time you can log into your Kango Express account and review the details of your package including the volume/weight after the package has been resized, your estimated shipping costs, and the values assigned to your items. You will also fill in any missing information, confirm you’re delivery address, and the type of shipping service you would like to use.

Kango Express will hold your package up to 14 days at no charge. This allows you to manage your shipping schedule and ensure you will be home to receive packages, combine multiple packages into a single shipment, or comply with local customs limits.

Ship your Package

Once you are ready to ship your packages, you will log into your account and schedule your shipment. For Kango Direct Service shipments, you will request to ship specific packages, review your invoice and process your payment. The packages will ship within 24 hours of payment. For Kango Consolidation Service shipments, you will assign the packages you wish to ship to a designated pre-scheduled shipment date. The day before the shipment date, you will be issued an invoice that should be paid within 24 hours.

Once your packages have shipped, you will receive a notification along with your shipment tracking number. Your shipment can be tracked from our website throughout its transit. Typically Direct packages will arrive at your home/business in 3-5 days and Consolidation packages will be available for pick up within 7-10 days after shipment (dependent on actual country of destination).

Receive and Enjoy

Your package will be delivered to your home, office or our local office, depending on the service you’ve chosen for your shipment. If any duties or taxes are due on your shipment, you will be notified by our local office or courier company to arrange payment.

Throughout the process you’ll be able to count on the support of our customer service staff in our corporate/warehouse locations as well as local offices to ensure that any questions or concerns you have are answered quickly and accurately.

Once your packages have been delivered, it’s time to look for more great shopping deals and start the process all over again!

Why kango?

Free Resizing

We will try to reduce the volume weight of packages whenever possible to save customers money. This service is free of charge and does not add any processing time to your packages.

Excellent Customer Service

We have customer service associates at our warehouse locations as well as at our local offices ready to help answer your questions in a timely and professional manner.

Affordable Consolidation Option

Kango Express customers can choose from a standard expedited service to their home/business, or take advantage of a more affordable consolidation airfreight service available in a growing number of countries.

Warehouses in Multiple Countries

With your Kango Express membership you have access to warehouses in the U.S. and U.K. (coming soon again), expanding your options for online shopping and shipping.

Free Hold Service

We’ll hold your packages for up to 14 days at no charge, allowing you to schedule your shipments in the most affordable and convenient way for you.

Worldwide Coverage

Kango Express offers shipping service to most countries and is supported by a user-friendly website and account management system making your experience with us easy and painless.

Go Shopping

Here is a list of some of the top US retailers. Keep in mind, though, you do not have to purchase from these retailers. You are able to purchase from any of the thousands of online merchants in the US and use Kango Express to ship your packages.


What Our customers say

I was really surprised by the great and fast service you provide, really impressive! thank you very much!! TM
Tamilla (Sep 08, 2015)