Kango Express, Inc. was founded by a group of people all working in the shopping and shipping industry.  Each brought a different perspective to the company, but all shared the vision of wanting to improve upon what was currently offered to customers and bring something unique to the market.  Thus, we decided to create Kango Express! We believe “there is always a better way ” and strive to offer our customers the best service at the best price.  As a company we value integrity, operational efficiency, respect, innovation, and community involvement.  These values guide the decisions we make each and every day that affect our customers, employees and investors.

As we launch the new Kango Express service in 2015, we welcome the feedback of all our customers to help us continuously improve and model our operation on what works, what helps us grow and provide opportunity and security for our employees, and what makes you, our customers, happy and loyal to the Kango Express brand.