Ship your packages from the U.S. to South Africa

Kango Express is now in South Africa.  Shopping in the U.S. is now more affordable and more convenient.

Kango Express is pleased to offer shipping service to South Africa. Customers can enjoy these great features from our service:

  • A resizing service that results in significant savings on shipping costs through reduction of carton size and volumetric charges..
  • Competitive shipping rates and transit time.
  • Delivery to your home our office throughout South Africa within 48 hours of arrival in South Africa.
  • Effective customs clearance in South Africa and duties and Vat paid on your behalf and collected from customer prior to delivery taking place.
  • Excellent customer service support in South Africa with proactive information and communication on whereabouts of your package and delivery schedule.
  • Our footprint is based in all main centers in South Africa (Johannesburg, Cape Town, Port Elizabeth, East London, Nelspruit, and Durban) to offer you speed to market and ensure service delivery in the fastest time.

Shipments to South Africa from USA are flown weekly and normally take 5 to 7 days to arrive to Johannesburg.

Please allow an additional 1-2 days for customs clearance.

(Depends on customs stops with SARS) Once your package has cleared through customs and any duties/taxes have been paid, your packages will be available for pick up at our local office or will be dispatched for delivery to your home/office anywhere in the country within a 2-day transit time delivery period.

Consolidation Service from United States

o Shipments are sent to South Africa every Monday (except on U.S. holidays).

o Shipment close time is 1PM Eastern Standard Time (6 pm Tuesday SA time).

All packages must be scheduled to ship prior to this time.

Most goods that are imported into South Africa attract duty with the maximum duty being imposed around 45% for clothing and shoes. Ad Valorem Products include, amongst others, Motor Vehicles, Electronic Equipment, Cosmetics, Perfumeries, and other products generally regarded as “luxury items” and are subject to the payment of Ad Valorem Excise Duty if used within the Southern African Customs Union (SACU). The rate is 9%. According to the Customs Act Goods of a value for duty purposes not exceeding R500.00, and on which no duty is payable in terms of Schedule 1, i.e. are duty free, can be cleared on a Section 38 (DA306).
Over and above customs duty you would need to pay the value-added tax (VAT) which is 15%. VAT is payable on all imports. The customer who is importing the cargo would be liable to pay the duties and Vat to the customs clearing agent (Heneways) in South Africa before they will release their cargo to them.
Below is a guideline of products vs duty applicable for your reference:
• Kitchenware/Homeware: 30% Duty
• Sweets: 25% – 37% Duty
• Jewelry: 20% Duty
• Clothing: 40% – 45% Duty
• Computer equipment/iPad/IT Equipment: Duty Free / Certain laptops and monitors will attract 9% Ad Valorem Excise Duty
• Makeup/ Beauty products: 20% Duty + 7% Ad Valorem Excise Duty
• Body and facial creams/ Shampoo: 20% Duty
• Sports equipment (golf clubs etc., cycling): Duty Free
• Books: Duty Free
• Toys: Duty Free
• Collectable cards/Stickers: 15% Duty
• Cellphones and accessories: Duty + 9% Ad Valorem Excise Duty
• Aroma Diffuser and oils: Duty Free
• Herbal products: 20% Duty
• Computer and PlayStation games: Duty Free + 9% Ad Valorem Excise Duty
• Petcare goods: 20% Duty
• Scrapbook and paper: Duty Free
• Alcohol: Rated Duty based on alcohol percentage
• Automotive spare parts: 20% Duty
• Sunglasses: Duty Free
• FMCG/ Coffee: 20% Duty

The importation of the following goods into South Africa is prohibited:

Narcotic and habit-forming drugs in any form
Fully automatic, military and unnumbered weapons, explosives and fireworks
Poison and other toxic substances
Cigarettes with a mass of more than 2 kilograms per 1,000
Goods to which a trade description or trademark is applied in contravention of any Act (for example, counterfeit goods)
Unlawful reproductions of any works subject to copyright
Prison-made and penitentiary-made goods

Each year, the Department of Trade and Industry (DTI) publishes a list of goods requiring import permits in an annual Import Control Program, which covers imports from any country. The Directorate of Import and Export Control of the DTI administers the issuance of permits, though for some imports, the DTI may require additional and prior authorization from other departments. By notice in the Government Gazette, the Minister of Trade and Industry may prescribe that goods of a specified class or kind may not be imported into South Africa, except under the authority of, and in accordance with, the conditions stated in a permit issued by ITAC.

The main categories of controlled imports are as follows:

Used goods: ITAC may grant import permits on used goods or substitutes if not manufactured domestically, thus creating a de facto ban on most used goods. While designed to protect the domestic manufacture of clothing, motor vehicles, machinery, and plastics, these restrictions limit imports of a variety of low-cost used goods from the United States and Europe. Waste, scrap, ashes, and residues: the objective of import controls on these goods is to protect human health and the environment under the Basel Convention.

Other harmful substances: The South African Government controls the imports of substances such as ozone-depleting chemicals, under the Montreal Convention and chemicals used in illegal drug manufacturing, under the 1988 United Nations Convention. Goods subject to quality specifications: this restriction permits the monitoring of manufacturing specifications that enhance vehicle safety (such as in the case of tires) or protect human life.

The Department of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries (DAFF) requires and issues sanitary-phytosanitary certificates for the importation of poultry, beef, pork (including lard), hides and skins, animal hair and bristles, and honey products. Other products that require import permits include fish and fish products, residues, petroleum products, firearms and ammunition, gambling equipment, and radioactive chemical elements.

The South African Revenue Service (SARS), a division of the Department of Finance/Treasury, administers import duties and controls. The latter are implemented in consultation with the Department of Trade and Industry.

Shipments to South Africa from USA are flown weekly and normally take 5 to 7 days to arrive to Johannesburg.

Please allow an additional 1-2 days for customs clearance.

(Depends on customs stops with SARS) Once your package has cleared through customs and any duties/taxes have been paid, your packages will be available for pick up at our local office or will be dispatched for delivery to your home or office throughout South Africa within 48 hours of arrival in South Africa.

You will be contacted by a customer service agent in South Africa to tell you what costs you are liable for so that you can receive your parcel.

This payment will include a flat customs clearance fee of R120 (per shipment) and R99 (per shipment) for local courier/delivery anywhere in South Africa. (up to 10Kg’s) Duties and Vat applicable must also be paid and Heneways (Customs Clearing agent) will send the customer an invoice with all charges on which has to be paid via EFT prior to customer receiving their parcel.

Kango Offices

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Local Office Hours

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