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Consolidation Service Information

Kango Express offers its Consolidation Service in select countries.  Below are some of the key features of this service:

  • We combine the packages of all customers shipping to that country into single shipments that travel via airfreight.  By combining all the packages, we are able to offer more competitive rates over the standard Direct service.
  • Your shipping charges are based on the combined weight of all your packages in the shipment.
  • Shipments are sent on specific days of the week (which do not change) and may occur 1-2 times per week, depending on the specific country and volume of packages we have going to that destination.
  • You must schedule your packages to ship prior to the “Close” time indicated on our website to be included in the consolidation shipment.
  • Once a shipment is made, you will receive an invoice to be paid.  Your packages will not be available for final delivery or pick up until payment is received.
  • Kango offers their consolidation service through either local partners or Kango franchises in the destination country.  This allows us to offer the added benefit of local customer service and a local office location.
  • Depending on the country, consolidation shipments may be picked up at designated pick up locations (such as our local office in the country) or limited local delivery may be offered.
  • Transit times with our Consolidation service vary by country but typically shipments arrive in the local country within 7 working days from leaving the US Warehouse.  The shipment must then clear customs (2-3 working days) and then is either available for pick up or our local office/partners will begin arranging for local delivery.