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There may be situations where you will not ship your packages to your home country and instead may need us to send it back to the merchant, forward it to another location in the U.S. or simply discard it.  Some reasons for this include:

  • You ordered prohibited items we cannot ship.
  • Your item arrived damaged.
  • You changed your mind about what you ordered.
  • You decide the item costs too much to ship.

If you want us to return, forward or discard your package, you will need to complete the return/forward or discard request at the bottom of the Package Detail page in your account.

Please refer to this tutorial on our site to go through the complete process.

*Please note that we cannot reject your package at the time it is dropped off to us due to the number of packages we receive each day.

Discard Forward


Starting December 2020 we provide you with 14 days of free storage in our US warehouse.
Starting from the day we process your package, you have 14 days to schedule it to ship. After 14 days, we will store it for an additional 46 days for a fee of $1.00 per day per package. After day 60, then we will classify your package for discard/dispose.
*Please note that after 14 days hold charges are calculated even your package has been scheduled to ship.
If you pull up your package in your account, you should be able to review the date processed on and then the Free Storage Date listed. We also send you an email right before your package is approaching the free storage period.



Overpacked means that your package has completed the final step for shipment.  No further action is necessary on your part.  Once the shipment is completed (based on the warehouse time), you will be issued notification of the shipment as well as your shipment invoice.


If you forgot your password you can select the “Forgot my Password” link on the Kango Express log in menu.   You will then need to enter your email address (used to register with Kango Express) and complete a verification/Captcha phrase.

**Please note that the Captcha is a math equation.  You should input the actual ANSWER to the equation and just just rewrite or copy the phrase itself.

Upon successful entry of the correct Captcha answer, you will receive an email from Kango with a link to reset your password.  If you do not see the email, be sure to check your spam or junk folder.

If you are having issues with the Captcha phrase, you can contact Customer Service via the Support ticket portal on our website and our staff can initiate the password reset email.  However, our staff cannot reset your password for you.




Our local franchise offices normally offer a buying service for customers who have difficulty purchasing from a specific retailer who may not accept orders with international credit cards or from specific IP addresses.

Please contact our local office with links to the specific items you would like to have purchased and they will provide a quote and arrange local payment for the purchase.

Once the items are ordered by our local office, the rest of the shipping process will proceed like any other orders.