Download our Prohibited Items Reference Guide here.

Kango Express cannot deliver items that have legal restrictions or that are restricted for safety reasons. It is important that you familiarize yourself with the reasons why items may not be able to ship as well as the most common types of products that are prohibited or restricted in order to avoid buying any of these items.  Below are links to this information in other languages:

Restricted & Prohibited Items

CLICK ON EACH CATEGORY BELOW to see some specific examples of restricted and prohibited goods. Although we have tried to make the list as complete as possible, it would be impossible to list every possible item that is restricted, especially in the categories of dangerous/hazardous items. Please also use our Quick Guide to see additional examples of Dangerous/Hazardous items. Additionally, this list is general and may not include specific products that cannot be imported into your particular country. Be sure to check with your local Customs office as well as our country-specific pages (Prohibited Items section) for additional items that may be restricted.

Click HERE for Prohibited Items for import in Mongolia.

All items containing batteries are restricted for shipping to Cambodia and for Direct shipping type.

Restricted Items Received at Our Warehouse

We inspect each and every package that arrives at the Kango Express warehouse. If we determine that one of your items is restricted and cannot be legally or safely ship, you will receive an email notification from us stating the general reason for restriction. Unless you can provide any information that can allow us to clear your item for shipment, you will have the following options:

  • Request that we return the item to the merchant at your cost.
  • Have us forward the item to an alternate address within the U.S. at your cost.  NOTE:  We will not forward restricted items to another forwarding company.
  • Authorize us to dispose of the product as we see fit.
  • For illegal drugs the items will be submitted to local law enforcement.


Restricted Countries

Kango Express cannot ship to the following countries:
Cuba, Iran, North Korea, Sudan, and Syria